Frencuently asked questions

1.- Who can use eW;nk?

Anyone over 14 years of age can use eW;nk. You can also use it on behalf of third parties, such as your child under the age of 14, as long as you can prove such legal representation.

2.- From what age can I get my footprint report?

From 14 years old. If you are under the age of 16, it must be requested by your legal guardians for you.

3.- Why am I asked to photograph my ID, official identification document or passport?

To make sure that no one asks for your footprint report for you, unless they have your authorization. That is why it is important that we can identify you, to avoid giving information to third parties about you, which they may use fraudulently.

4.- Why do I have to validate my mobile phone number and email address?

To ensure that you are the one who receives your fingerprint report and not a third party who wants to obtain information from your footprint. Security is very important to us and that only you, as a legitimate interested party of your digital footprint, can see it.

5.- What will I find in my footprint report?

In your footprint report you can see everything that is public on the internet by entering the search criteria you have provided. That is, your name, your usernames, e-mail accounts and photographs. The more information you provide, the more accurate the search will be.

However, it is possible that results that are not about you appear, just like when you do a search in any search engine using your name or an image of you.

6.- What do I do if the content that appears is not about me?

The footprint report provides all the results that appear on the internet with your personal information provided, making a combined search. This means that content that is not about you may appear.

To help us refine the footprint reports and ensure that in the following ones the information appears more filtered and curated, it is important that you complete your footprint report indicating whether the results are about you. That’s means that you are classifying the results.

7.- Why has explicit content (sexual or violent) appeared in my footprint report?

In image search, sexual content may appear for the following reasons:

  • They have used your image or the image of your face to catfishing, which is when they crop your face to add it to other photographs, in this case of a sexual nature
  • Because your biometric characteristics match in a high percentage of people with images on pages of explicit content.

In the first case, we advise you to take a digital evidence and exercise your right of deletion. In addition, go to your local data protection controller, that owns the authority regionally or nationally to act, reporting the situation.

In the second case, we are continuously implementing techniques so that only the most coincident results appear with you. We use a filtering system so that explicit content does not appear, but it can still appear and that it is not you, so we thank you that when completing your report you indicate it to us so that it does not show more times. Classifying your footprint if it is yours or not will be the way so that those results do not influence your report and indicators.

Remember that the result of your report is what anyone who uses your search criteria would find, so it is also advisable that you be aware of those results so that you can act, if you wish, and exercise your rights.

8.- Can I delete all the content I want?

You can delete all content about you that refers to your personal data (image, name and surname, identification, postal or email address, telephone …) and can identify you, provided that:

  • Has been published without your consent
  • The purpose for which you consented to the processing of these data no longer exists
  • Data is outdated or irrelevant
  • They are making illicit use of your data

Remember that you cannot delete or delete information about yourself, if it conflicts with the right to information and you are a person of public interest or if you have transferred your image through a transfer contract (for example, you have been hired to appear in an advertisement). You can exercise your right anyway, but with a high probability, the answer will be negative.

9.- Who can I contact if I want to file a complaint or if I need civil or criminal advice?

You can go to the authorities: police and civil guard for a complaint. But if what you want is legal advice on possible civil or criminal actions, contact us and we will put at your disposal our network of privacy agents, who can advise you on what the best strategy to protect your privacy, according to your case.

If you want to ask us another question that is not among the previous ones or you have any questions about these, please contact us through and we will be happy to help you.